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Bathroom Scale

digital scale for sale Digital Scale TS-2010A

super slim bathroom scale, thin glass weighing scale


    Colorful ABS base equiped with clear glass creat a beautiful decor for your bathroom. The super slim base features simple and handsome. Transparent glass screen printed on company logo, a gift your customer shall use it everyday which means your brand exposes to your customer everday.


    • Four high precision strain gauge sensors

    • Measure upto 180KG/396LB, with an precision of 0.1kg/0.2lb

    • Weighs in KG, LB, ST:LB

    • Auto on and auto off function

    • Screen print your company LOGO on tempered glass

    • Foam inside provides best protection in case of brokage.

    • Customized gift packaging                                                                                                                 


    • Capacity: 3KG-180KG

    • Unit: KG/LB/ST:LB

    • Graduation: 0.1KG/0.2LB

    • LCD display size: 3.0 inch

    • Product dimension: 300*300*18mm

    • Glass thickness: 6mm

    • Backlight: without

    • Power: 1* CR2032 lithium battery

    • High precision strain gauge sensors system

    • Tare/Data lock fuction

    • Over load/low battery indication

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